Chris Fights for You.

Chris Gambill has tailored a message not for the democrats, nor has he made it only for the Republicans. It is a message for every individual and families in Vigo County and Clay County. With your help Chris Gambill hopes to address the issues that Hoosiers are grappling with on a daily basis, but haven’t had a glimmer of hope to rectify the situation. Chris Gambill sees a future where families make a living wage. A future where no infringement of the working class’s right to organize will be infringed upon..

Chris Gambill sees a future where working families can give the educational opportunities to their children that they deserve. This includes universal preschool; something that 82 counties lack. Chris knows that voucher programs hurt the school systems in our state by cramming children in already overwhelmed school, and depleting and neglecting the resources of other schools; thus diminishing their opportunities for a quality education to all children. Even higher education needs our best foot forward. There’s something to be said about being a state ranking 47th in education. That doesn’t just mean becoming scholars. Chris knows that there is an entire field of talented people who could better their lives in vocational schools. Bringing those talents to fruition for the betterment of the community as well as themselves is a benefit America is cheating itself out of.

It isn’t only the children’s future that Chris worries about.The elderly are also in need. After providing so much to your community you deserve to retire with dignity. Workers in public sector deserve their pensions for their commitment. As a whole Indiana has failed retirees and the elderly. Such can be seen by Indiana’s notorious achievement of having the worst nursing homes in the country.

Recent Republican decisions have also failed American workers. Under the common construction wage, those employed by the state had a wage scale for skilled labor for public work projects, road construction, building schools, governmental building, and sanitation projects. This allowed workers to obtain a decent wage for the fine work they do for the community.

Republicans had a loft goal in mind; they had hopes that by removing the Common Construction Wage, that it would lower the cost of public work projects. This was entirely false. They did not save a  single dime. The work was given to out of state state firms who hired out of state workers. Meanwhile The repealing of the bill caused Hoosier workers to lose as much as 15% of their wages. Job’a were lost and wages are low. The only winners of the repealed bill are the major corporations making large profits at the expense of not only workers but Indiana families. 

Sitting down and discussing these issues is a step, but what we need now is more than leaps and bounds. We need your vote Follow us on  Facebook To stay up to date with all our videos and events. The Committee to Elect Chris Gambill would greatly appreciate volunteers, donations, and your votes.  On March 17th The Gambills will be marching for the Saint Patrick’s Day parade. Chris would greatly appreciate you being there and being motivated to share the message.  We will be meeting at the Corporate Square Parking Lot off of 2901 Ohio Boulevard. We hope that Chris’s resonates with you. Together we can make a difference  that many families, children, and elderly deserve. Thank you for reading, and we hope to see you by our side.