State Senate candidate Gambill gets support from Democrats known statewide

Chris Gambill had help from prominent Hoosier Democrats Tuesday night. He was the guest of honor at a fundraiser at Big Willy’s Steakhouse in Staunton.

Helping with his campaign efforts were former gubernatorial candidate John Gregg, 8th Congressional District Chair Joan Kanizer, former State Rep. David Crooks, Brazil Mayor Brian Wyndham, Judge Joseph Trout and Clay County Democratic Party Chair Harvey Roscoe.

The crowd was estimated to be 100 people who enjoyed drinks and snacks before hearing from the candidate.

Gambill, who is running for the Indiana Senate seat now held by Republican Jon Ford, was introduced by Gregg.

“I’m excited to be here for Chris,” Gregg said. “Yeah, I would have liked to be here for Chris as governor, but I’m glad to be here.”

Gregg said Democrats will not be as successful as they would like if they only talk to other Democrats.

“We have to talk to Republicans,” Gregg said. “Some are embarrassed by what they see on the national level and in the state.”

Gregg praised Gambill saying, he can bring people together.

Gregg pointed out the power of social media, encouraging everyone present to take out their cell phones and take a photo of Gambill and post it on their Facebook, Instagram and other accounts.

“We need someone to serve all the people of Indiana,” Gregg said.

Gambill repeated a theme he had spoke on before, the importance of families earning a living wage and being able to retire with dignity.

“These are Democratic issues,” Gambill said. “They are Indiana issues.”

Gambill said it was his understanding the 8th District is the most targeted district in Indiana. He encouraged Democrats to consider filing for office in January.

He echoed Gregg’s idea of using social media, saying it is a way to reach a lot of people in ways that were not available in the past.